Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Just Some Observations...

Seems like:

1) There's a lot more spam and hacking going on all of a sudden (generally speaking, not on this blog) and...
2) Seems like there's suddenly a lot more crazy folks on the subway. Virtually every trip I've gone  on in the past few weeks has had one dude or another shouting curses at himself or just thin air. Very unusual. Used to be rare and suddenly it's fairly often. Either it's a cut in policing, more crazies, or just something in the stars (maybe that meteorite).


  1. The crazies in the subways are more noticeable because more of them ride the rail in winter. Seasonal influx.

  2. Someone just committed suicide shutting down the subway. Subways carry all sorts of problem individuals. The city has always been like that.

    We need to follow the Singapore model so we can have a super clean and efficient city.

  3. I am fighting for your gun rights in this city so you don't have to get abused by these individuals. NY State laws encourage vagrants and support a revolving parole door which leads to problems in the first place at the same time abrogating gun rights so you can't even defend yourself.

    We had a stabbing incident here locally which was due to the fact that they let the person go.

    1. I'll pass. Some drunken or mentally ill guy shouting obscenities is one thing; someone else shooting up the subway car is another. I prefer the obscenities actually.

  4. Panhandler Party:

  5. I entirely agree with this post. I mentioned it to my wife and she said the same as the other poster above "seasonal influx", but I dont remember it being this bad last winter, or any other winter for that matter. I wonder if I'm just more aware, if they're a little louder this time, or policing is an issue. Hmmm...

  6. In my 35 years of living here, I noticed the same thing and have been telling people this lately. There are more crazy people out there than in a long time, not since the days of crack addicts who could be mistaken for skitzo.

  7. I've noticed the same thing and I've been living in NYC for nearly 30 years. It's worse than the seasonal influx - maybe it has to do with post-Sandy hospital closings..