Saturday, March 2, 2013

Summer Movie Season

Regular readers of this blog know I am a huge movie fan. So, it's almost time to start turning my attention to the "Summer Movie Season," which amusingly actually starts around May 1st. Which is absolutely fine with me. The longer they make the summer, the better. It goes by way too quickly anyway, doesn't it?

And speaking of movies, I was a little surprised to see this poster up already outside the Regal Brandon movie theater on Austin St. It's coming out around Thanksgiving! Again, though, fine with me. I loved the books and the first movie in the series, so bring it on!

As for this summer's movies, the main one I am looking forward to so far is the Star Trek movie. I'm sure there'll be others. I just haven't had much time to check lately! I thought the first one J.J. Abrams did was ok. I wasn't blow away by it like some other people were. I guess I'm too loyal to the original series. To me, what made Star Trek special was always the characters and the ideas—the Prime Directive, what a concept!—not the special effects. I just hope the new film is more balanced in that regard.

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  1. Hope they do a classic movie night series at the Midway.
    The one they did in the Fall presented Rear Window by Hitchcock.
    It was a fun evening. They should do more!