Thursday, March 14, 2013

Things Perking Up At the Tennis Stadium

Finally, it looks like there's some action, including plans for ice skating, music concerts, etc.. I know, I know, you're thinking, 'How many time have I heard that before?' But this time it seems different to me. The article below discusses a gradual move to more public events. Also, I was told a year or so ago that the Club's new director is more open to finding some sensible uses for the stadium. So, things are looking up, beginning with this summer's planned celebrations:
West Side Tennis Club Looks Back, Plans Ahead
It's so nice to know that we've apparently now moved beyond the bizarre plans for demolishing this iconic landmark to turn it into condos or senior housing! Notice how there's no one claiming the Stadium is structurally unsound anymore. Interesting how that idea seemed to vanish along with the developers who wanted to tear this beautiful piece of New York City history down.


  1. When I heard there is to be a New York Open during July 4th week at the tennis stadium, I thought that finally that was good news.

  2. A minor miracle today in FH: I saw the owner of Aminence today in the store. She said the store is supposed to open when it gets warmer out.