Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Various Unpleasantness

  • The "Cannibal Cop" who lived somewhere here in Forest Hills, has been found guilty
  • And I'm sorry, but this story about how the MTA is rolling out a new pilot program to sterilize all them varmints in the subways feels way too much like those government plans that go awry and somehow end up destroying all of humanity instead. No?


  1. Unfortunately there are lots of criminals or would be criminals in the world that live all over the world. If one lives in the same town as you or hundreds of miles away, they are still threats.

    Someone made an unauthorized credit card purchase in a store using my card when I had it on me all along and faked my signature.

    I contacted the Card issuer and submitted a tip to the NYPD since it was in local jurisdiction even though it didn't occur exactly where I resided.

    Criminals today are more organized than ever actually producing fake cards and imprinting numbers and forging signatures.

    All because of that crime being generated, the firm was forced to produce a new card, truck ship it to to the airport, then the letter got sent over airplane back to my location on one of 2 flights that UPS had going out in the wee hours on their jets then routed back to me.

    I do give the CC issuer AND UPS a lot of credit for top 21st century tools and services.

    However, it seems as though there is always evil lurking around the corner disrupting the fabric of society.

    1. I hate UPS. A package worth $400 was stolen from my home near Yellowstone. My usual UPS driver was on vacation and a UPS temporary "employee" never delivered the package to me. Instead he apparently forged my doorman's signature and made off with it. There is no other way it could have gotten stolen. So don't trust UPS. There are crooks there, too.

  2. This cannibal was more of a threat to human life than a credit card theft. Glad he will go to jail, most likely not for the full sentence.

  3. If the rat sterilization works, that's great. It's better than some idiot's stupid idea of getting possums in Brooklyn to eat the rats away. Not only do they still have rats there, but they have a possum problem there too now.

  4. He lived on Yellowstone in the mid-sixties.