Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Five Things Mets Fans Can Actually Enjoy

As the baseball season gets underway, I thought it'd be fun to hear from my fellow blogger and radio personality Jackie Micucci, who regularly writes about her beloved Yankees and baseball overall. Jackie agreed to offer a little guest commentary for Edge of the City on what New York fans can expect this season.

Five Things Mets Fans Can Actually Enjoy

It may be a long season for New York Mets fans. Their Cy Young Award winning pitcher R.A. Dickey was traded to the Blue Jays during the offseason. Ace pitcher Johan Santana is already out for the year, undergoing his second shoulder surgery in 31 months. And the Mets are locked solidly in rebuilding mode while sharing the NL East with the Washington Nationals… a team chock full of talent and predicted by many pundits (myself included) to capture this year’s World Series crown.

So why bother to care at all about the Amazins? Beyond the obvious—that the summer is not complete until you’re sitting in the stands at Citi Field enjoying a Nathan’s hot dog and a Brooklyn Lager—here are five things that Mets fans can actually enjoy this baseball season.

David Wright The Mets locked up their All-Star third baseman this past winter, giving him an eight-year, $138 million contract. Then he joined the ranks of past Mets greats Gary Carter, Keith Hernandez and John Franco by being named team captain. Wright, who was one of the few bright spots on Team USA during the World Baseball Classic, had a great 2012 season and will continue to be a potent threat in the Mets’ offense.

Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler These young arms could develop into a nice one-two punch for the Mets. Harvey, who debuted late last summer, will have his first full season in the major leagues and looked dominating in his first start against the Padres, going seven innings and striking out 10. Wheeler is getting a little more seasoning in the minors, where he’s working out some control issues. However, given the injuries to the starting rotation, fans will likely see the phenom take the mound at Citi Field sooner rather than later. 

The All-Star Game Citi Field is the site of this year’s Midsummer Classic and all the hoopla surrounding it. Yeah, I know, even though it counts no one really cares about the game, but it’s still fun to have all that star power in your home ballpark. Plus, the Home Run Derby at Citi Field will really separate the mere mortals from the fearsome sluggers. My advice: If you really want a treat, check out the Futures Game to see some of the most talented prospects in baseball. 

The Food at Citi Field The food offerings at Citi Field are probably second only to Seattle’s Safeco in my book. Not only do you have Shake Shack burgers, but there’s also BBQ from Blue Smoke, Italian hero sandwiches and cannolis from Mama’s of Corona and pizza from one of my favorites, Two Boots. Oh, and don’t forget Box Frites; their fries make San Francisco’s garlic fries seem downright pedestrian.

The Yankees will also be Playing Golf in October In the interest of full disclosure, I’m a Yankees fan, but I’m also realistic. This is going to be a painful season in The Bronx. The Yankees are old and beaten up, and ownership is playing it “cheap” for the next couple of years. So here it is, Mets fans: Your moment of schadenfreude. Enjoy watching your prospects develop while your cross-town rivals parade around a lineup of aging stars and rent-a-wrecks.

Jackie Micucci writes about baseball for Through The Fence Baseball. Follow her on Twitter: @jackiemicucci

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  1. I would make that 6 things for fans to enjoy:

    Easiest professional sport team to score free tickets! Has anyone ever paid for a ticket to Citi Field?