Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Twist & Smash'd Menu

Excuse any formatting issues, don't have access to my Mac so not easy to post this week while away. But here's the new place's menu. Also, they tell me: Twist and Smash'd is going to be a quick serve burger restaurant.  You have the option to grab and go or sit and hang out inside or in our outdoor patio. Opens in November...
Chipotle Chicken Smash’d
Chicken smash’d on a bun or whole wheat wrap with chipotle mayonnaises and avocado and Cheddar Cheese
Garden Smash’d
Veggie Smash’d with caramelized onions avocado and mango salsa
Twist and Smash’d Combo:
Smash’d Burger, Twisted Potato and a drink
Southern BBQ Smash’d
Short Rib Smash’d, Pepper Jack Cheese, Roasted Red Pepper and Bacon
Classic Smash’d
Angus Beef Smash’d, Cheddar Cheese on a Toasted Bun
Double Smash’d Stack
Choose two Smash’d burgers on a classic potato bun a twisted potato and a drink
1 Choose a Burger:
Angus Beef Chicken Short Rib Veggie Add a patty
2 Bun or Wrap: Classic Potato Bun
Whole Wheat Wrap
page2image6012 page2image6096 page2image6180 page2image6264 page2image6348 page2image6432 page2image6516 page2image6600 page2image6684
3 Topping:
Cheese (American, Jalapeno, Pepper Jack, Swiss, Cheddar, Sliced Mozzarella)
page2image7244 page2image7328
Caramelized Onions Roasted Red Peppers
4 Premium Toppings
Fried Onions Pickles
Lettuce & Tomato
Twisted Potatoes
Organic Idaho Potato Japanese Sweet Potato
Smash’d Cakes
page2image9124 page2image9208 page2image9292 page2image9376 page2image9460
page2image9768 page2image9852
Grilled Mushrooms Crushed Bacon Chiptole Mayo
Puff Dog
Sliced Avocado Mango Salsa
page2image10968 page2image11052 page2image11136 page2image11220 page2image11304 page2image11388 page2image11472
All Beef Hebrew National Hot Dog wrapped in puff pastry and baked on a stick.
Chicken & Waffle Stick
Fried 100% ground chicken tender wrapped in a waffle served on a stick with
powered sugar and maple syrup.
Pipa’s Classic Mint Lemonade House Brewed Iced Tea Strawberry Lemonade
Mango Ice Tea Coffee Cappuccino
Hot Chocolate
A stack of fresh hot griddlecakes
with maple syrup
Egg Smash’d
Smash & scrambled eggs with
cheese on a toasted buttered bun.
BEC Smash’d
Smash & Scrambled eggs with bacon, cheese on a toasted buttered bun.
Truffle Popcorn Twist Chips
Smash’d Cookie Chocolate Chip Brownie
For information please call 718-937-6622 or visit our website www.twistandsmashd.com


  1. Not sure if we need yet another burger joint. We've already got plenty of places for a good burger. Better than a closed storefront, but this is definitely not what I was looking for.

  2. chicken wings, burgers, burgers and more burgers while LIC, Astoria and W-burg get all the cool places. Will F-Hills ever be enticing to any Hipsters ? Did someone place a DOME over us to keep out anyone with creative cooking? Granted there are some nice places, some recently opened but we seem to be a mecca for burgers and yogurt? Maybe the stimulus might be lining up 20 food trucks somewhere to add some spice into F-Hills to show the folks there is life after burgers........

    1. You know, I don't think the food in LIC is all that great. I'd rather have a decent burger, souvlaki or grilled cheese sandwich than a poorly executed chi- chi dish. LIC's identity is developing, but it still suffers from Manhattan- envy. The best food in Astoria is found in the old- school neighborhood restaurants, not the relatively newer "film studio" joints. Now W'burg, I guess that is the Hipster paradise. They've got the bucks and the artisinal food entrepreneurs to pull it off.

    2. Couldn't have said it better myself!

    3. Oh I disagree. Manducatis Rustica in LIC will thrown down any hipster joint in Willieburg. The restaurant has been there since before the LIC boon. The owner makes EVERYTHING on the premises from scratch including all pasta, breads, desserts, gelato, etc. She lives upstairs from the restaurant and is in the kitchen 15 hours a day. This place doles out some serious cooking. The sad part is after you eat there, you come back to Forest Hills and realize most of the places we have here are subpar.

  3. Forest Hills is one huge community for food places. All the boutiques and little stores have turned into expansion of new food places.

    Bareburger took up a boutique space to expand. Diva turns into this food place. Not like we don't have dozens of food places already in town.

  4. I'm guessing the owner used to work at a Smashburger.

  5. The outdoor patio sounds nice.

  6. I have no issue with more food establishments opening in the neighborhood. The head scratcher is "why" another burger place?

    As already pointed out by another poster, there are plenty of good burger options in the neighborhood -- Dirty Pierre's, Bareburger, Austin House, Banter, Jack & Nellie. For those looking for more of a fast food option, there's Cheeburger Cheeburger.

    Twist & Smash'd is (in their words) a "quick serve burger restaurant". To me that screams LUNCH. Unfortunately, Forest Hills doesn't have a huge weekday lunch crowd. I think it's going to be an uphill battle for them .... but hope they prove me wrong. Just not sure this is the best location for this.

  7. They will have to do some really high volume to pay that rent. May impact BareBurger which is currently expanding its space.

    1. I'm guessing that the new place will be at a lower price-point than Bareburger and won't be selling specialty meats.

  8. I agree with one of the above anons. We don't need another burger joint. A nice trendy trattoria like Vesta in Astoria or Testaccio in LIC would be nice. I"d even take a Pio Pio like the one in Jax Heights. Sad, but we don't have anything on the scale of these places.

  9. Polla Inka on Queens Blvd is the same as Pio Pio but always has a health grade of "B". True, the space is small, but all restaurants in FH are on the small side. See 5 burro, which had the opportunity to expand before TapHouse came in, but didn't. Tuscan Hills is such a great addition to the area, and on par with LIC's Testaccio, if not better, in that it doesn't try to be trendy, it just does great food.

    Looks like Status Quo, formerly Network Café, has closed. Maybe Just Like Mother's can reopen there.

  10. I would like to see the guys who have the SouvlakiGR truck and the brick and mortar location in Lower East Side put a location in FH.

    Simple delicious souvlaki, fries, salad, affordable.

    I know we have 2 Greek places here already but Agora is very pricey and Corfu is "meh" to me.

  11. Unfortunately, with the rents what they are on Austin Street; your not going to get anything decent. What you will get are chain restaurants, niche places like Station House that have a success formula or the occasional Banter; where an owner catches a lucky break on turn key space. That being said, if people believe that Agora is expensive as you do; then your choices on Austin will remain fairly limited.

    1. "Unfortunately, with the rents what they are on Austin Street; your not going to get anything decent."

      Oh, the sad irony of this statement. I'm not contradicting what you're saying, Kevin; I'm just reading that sentence and realizing the absurd truth of it.

    2. The only problem is we've already gotten places that are quite decent: Bonfire Grill, Bareburger, The Flying Pig (more than decent, but they should expand their menu). And then, right off of Austin St., a stone throw's away, the awesome La Boulangerie, Station House, Jack & Nellie's. There are plenty of brand new places on and just off of Austin that are excellent so I'm not quite sure what you're talking about.

    3. Rents are high in Astoria and Billyburg, yet they support tons of great restaurants. How is that possible? And they're closer to Manhattan. Austin St. landlords need to get over themselves.

  12. H&M Being Considered For Building on Austin Street

    One thing about this article that's confusing is that "Sources said a decision has not yet been made about what retailer will move into the space, but H&M and a chain pharmacy, such as CVS, are being considered." I though CVS was moving into The Aston's retail space, but maybe that's not set in stone yet.


  13. Agora is not expensive and I agree with Kevin. If you think that's expensive, then your choices and expectations are very low. Oko closed and in its place is a cheap bland sushi joint that adds nothing to the street and will probably also close in 6 months. Bareburger does well because it has quality organic food. I've heard people complain that its $12 hamburgers are too expensive but that's just the McDonalds crowd complaining. You can get a $6 hamburger at Austin House and it tastes like a shoe.

    1. Not everyone has the disposable income where they can dine at places like Agora, so often.

      I try to cook for myself as much as I can but I don't have the income the allows me to spend a little more when I'm out.

      That's very snobby to say "that's just the McDonald's crowd complaining".

  14. The foodie culture in Forest Hills is definitely inferior to that in Williamsburg and Astoria. Not that many people here like eating out all the time - families want to save money and the older people in co-ops are living on fixed incomes. The recession hasn't helped, either. Foodie places tend to flourish where people tend to be single, like hopping about, and aren't invested in a home where they'd spend most of their time.

    1. I couldn't agree more!

    2. Except there is a reason places like Banter and Bareburger are doing well. Its not fixed income "older-people living in co-ops" that are attending these establishments. Think what you want, waffle trucks, fancy bread places, whiskey bars are the new look of Forest Hills. There's a reason its always busy here. I embrace it and look forward to the young city folk who will move to the Aston building and give more reason for these establishments to thrive

    3. So many people are being priced out of Brooklyn, LIC and Astoria. They're moving here and bringing their love of nightlife and food with them. FoHi isn't cheap either, but many hipsters thought it was too suburban. The truth is out and we're seeing more young people here.