Friday, March 28, 2014

Weekend Restaurant Recommendation

It being Friday and all—thank the Gods, 'cause I have just about had it! — here's my weekend restaurant recommendation. For all you local kebab lovers I'd recommend The Grill. I've eaten there a couple of times since they opened a few months ago on Restaurant Row (70th Road) and have tried an assortment of kebabs that have been either terrific (Chicken, and the Lula Kebab, which has ground lamb and beef marinated with cumin, diced onion, sea salt and pepper; or very good: Shrimp.) Below is their generous portion of Baked Clams, also really good. The Grill is a moderately priced new restaurant here in Forest Hills —not the cheapest place to eat, but the food has been really good.

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  1. Odd that they serve baked clams.