Wednesday, May 7, 2014

2nd Sumptown Coffee/Silk Cakes Pairing Event

Silk Cakes, on Metropolitan Ave., will be holding its 2nd Coffee/Cake pairing event this Saturday, May 10th from 10am to 2pm. This time it is with the seasonal Stumptown Coffees as well as their newest launch, Milk Breads. The NY Times had written an article about Milk Breads recently. At the event, Silk will offer FREE samples of the seasonal coffee as well as the Milk Breads.

Below are the pairings for this Saturdays event.


Coffee: Hair Bender

Milk Bread: Vanilla Chiffon Cake with Brown Sugar Cinnamon 


Coffee: Burundi Kayanza  *Seasonal*

Milk Bread: Green Tea Chiffon Cake with Blueberry Preserves


Coffee: Guatemala Candelaria   *Seasonal*

Milk Bread: Banana Chiffon Cake with Black Sesame  


  1. Sorry to miss this. I still dream of the slice of Silk's carrot cake I had a while back. Maybe next weekend I'll take a walk over there. This is one establishment that needs to stick around.

  2. Stopped by the tasting. The milk bread in the picture was cut into quarters if not sixths. So it kind of went down to the stomach before the taste sank in. After having the milk bread crumbs, I felt that I had to give them some business, so bought 4 cupcakes for $14. Not a bad experience over all but not sure if I'd stop by for future tastings.

  3. Way over priced. You can get an entire meal at McDonalds across the street for the price of a slice of carrot cake.