Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Free Music in the Park: Postponed!

The organizer has postponed this to give him more time to find musicians to participate. Please be aware:  participants will not be paid. It is a purely voluntary event to provide free music to the community.

The Parks Department has given the OK for us to have the first of what hopefully will be many special days of free music right here smack in the center of Forest Hills, in our MacDonald Park (the park near the Post Office), ON A DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED. The only hitch is.... WE NEED MUSICIANS!!

If you or someone you know is a pro or just a budding musician, please contact Steve to register at 917-558-3802.

Share your musical talent with  friends and neighbors in MacDonald Park 


Friends of MacDonald Park and NYC  Parks invite you to participate in a pilot busking program allowing musicians, professional and amateur alike, to perform in the park.
Pop, jazz, classical, country, R&B, etc.
Contact Steve to register: 917-558-3802
MacDonald Park, Queens Blvd/70th Av, Forest Hills


  1. Maybe the organizer should contact some of the public schools who have music bands and see if they are interested.

  2. Oh another suggestion would be to contact Sam Ash music store on QB. Maybe they can help spread the word around.

  3. Might be a reach .... but a possibility could be contacting 'Music Under New York'. You never know!!! They've auditioned remarkable performers who also do not get paid to play for travelers in the subway system.