Monday, July 14, 2014

OvoSodo's Delivery Menu

The few blocks along Queens Blvd. from Ascan east now have some of my favorite food spots in Forest Hills, including the newest OvoSodo, Keuka Kafe, which I recently finally had the chance to visit for the first time and really enjoyed (and plan to post about soon), and Pollo Inca. And heading further down there's, of course, my big fave, Tuscan Hills.

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  1. I visited there last Sunday. Nice place, but my waffles were a bit undercooked but came without the fruit it promised on the menu and the side of sausage was not what I was expecting. It was more like sausage that you'd have for an Italian dinner, not breakfast sausage. I'm not saying it wasn't good, but I think they could refine things a bit. Service was very friendly. Nothing was so bad that I wouldn't go back. At some point I'll give them another try.