Friday, October 3, 2014

The Aston's Website

The Aston has gone live with its website, with some neat pictures of the apartments: The Aston Forest Hills By the way, what is that enormous body of water in the website's slide show? Makes it look like Forest Hills is a marina or something. Nice touch. I'd just like to go sailing there one of these days—if I can find it.


  1. Meadow Lake Boat House, I guess?

  2. There are plenty of over-the-top websites for new buildings in Manhattan but The Aston's site could definitely use a bit more pizzazz. It feels like they're marketing an assisted-living facility.

  3. It's Willow Lake. Duh.

  4. Chuckling over how they made tiny Macdonald Park look like Central...and restaurant row as represented by Chipotle. And yeah, we all know 71st is right near a lake.

  5. Forest Hills
    is by far one of the better neighborhoods in the city and
    definitely one of the best in Queens !

    Take pride Forest Hills !

    I live across from the Midway Theater.
    I have a bike and it literally takes me 3 minutes to ride down Jewel Avenue
    and access one of the entrances to
    Flushing Meadow Park's
    outer circumference trail at the head of the Meadow Lake.

    Um...yeah, Forest Hills is near a lake which is found in the largest park in the borough.

    Shake off the hate...

  6. Tiny as McDonald Park is... it's a refreshing respite utilized by avid chess players, seniors that frequent the center around the corner and workers from nearby offices that sit have lunch there.

    The park also shades the farmer's market that happens on Sunday.

    I'm grateful for McDonald Park, Forest Park,
    several playgrounds and other hidden places of respite
    found in the neighborhood.

    Don't take it for granted.

    Green space that's maintained and utilized are far and few between NYC's concrete jungle.

  7. Anyone have any updates on pricing or details on sales thus far beyond what's been published?

  8. I, too, was wondering about the lake. Flushing Meadows is close, but I wouldn't consider it "neighborhood." I also find it shameful that the marketing gurus put the wrong address on the website. I don't think there is a 71st Street in Forest Hills. Think they meant 71st Avenue.