Monday, December 8, 2014

End of the Century Bar Opens on Metropolitan

From Time Out NY:

 Tiki bar–cum–cocktail club End of the Century Bar hits Forest Hills  
Pegu Club, PKNY and Maison Premiere alums expand cocktail culture in Queens
When searching for a home for their own drinking den—a tiki bar–cum–cocktail club, designed to feel like a living room—the trio decided to push beyond those well-trodden boroughs for, of all places, Queens. “Forest Hills feels both local and international—it’s one of the most diverse areas of the city,” Present says. “We want to be a microcosm of that.”
 104-08 Metropolitan Ave between 71st Dr and 72nd Ave, Forest Hills, Queens (718-544-1624)


  1. Fantastic, what a great addition to the neighborhood!

  2. Wishing them the best of luck! I live up the street, and we have seen this bar open and close several times in the past year. It is a great location, so hopefully they thrive!

  3. They would have done better spending more money on rent and setting up shop on Austin Street with all the extra foot traffic. Place looks nice though, hopefully they do well in that location.

    1. rent is about three times the price and a lot more competition. wise decision on their part and perhaps they're thinking in broader terms. metropolitan seems to have the better independent dining options and they could very well scoop up the after dinner crowd that lingers for drinks.

  4. Unfortunately, all the corporate franchises and walk-in clinics are driving up rents where it's nearly impossible for any new independent. Just look at the 5th Dunkin Donuts that set up shop on Ascan. Anyway, I'm totally psyched and will walk to Metropolitan for this!