Friday, March 13, 2015

Book Signing by Local Author Aida Zilelian

Aida Zilelian's breathtaking debut novel, The Legacy of Lost Things, follows three generations of a family of Armenian immigrants living in the United States, as they struggle with one another and against the Old World expectations of their community. When Araxi, the oldest daughter of the desperately unhappy Levon and Tamar, goes missing, the remaining family members are forced to confront their painful histories together, and the role each of them has played in driving Araxi away.
Through Araxi and her family, readers are given a unique look at the generational and cultural tensions that both keep families together and tear them apart. Using spare, poignant prose, Zilelian deftly explores the themes of romance, duty, infidelity and guilt. Because of the mature content, this book is intended for adult and young adult audiences.

Author Aida Zilelian will hold a reading and signing of her book on Friday, March 27th 7 p.m. Barnes & Noble, Austin St., Forest Hills


  1. I don't know why the Austin st. B&N doesn't hold book readings and signings more often! I'd definitely be up for that!

  2. This is their 20th year on Austin Street. Sadly, their days are numbered.