Friday, March 13, 2015

More Information: Queens International Night Market

Since so many readers have expressed an interest in the proposed Queens International Night Market here's some more information:

Night markets have long been popular in parts of Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Europe and have been successfully emerging in many North American cities recently. The Queens International Night Market will be a gateway for exploring the many cultures of the City’s (and the world’s) most diverse borough. Over a hundred vendors will offer foods, art, handicrafts and other merchandise.  A small performance space will feature dance and music inspired by cultures found throughout the City.

Attracting great vendors who can share culturally authentic food, art, and other products is a key goal for the market. In order to accomplish this, rather than profiting off of vendor fees, the market’s organizers hope to subsidize vendors fees by using  money raised through Kickstarter, and eventually through sponsorships, to offset the costs of renting a venue and paying for permits, insurance, electricity and other services.

Backers who contribute to the Kickstarter campaign can choose from among rewards such as food vouchers, t-shirts and tote bags with the market’s logo, recognition as sponsors and much more. And they’ll know that each contribution is helping small vendors share their passions and stories with the public.

John Wang is a former lawyer turned social entrepreneur who’s spearheading the Queens International Night Market. He grew up visiting night markets on family trips to Asia and says, “Whenever I travel, seeking out local markets is the first thing I do upon arriving, and the last thing I do before leaving. It’s my favorite way to experience culture.”

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