Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Local School News

Suddenly, there's a bunch of local school news to report.

First, a petition by some parents against what they are calling the kindergarten waiting list crisis. You can read more about it, and sign it, over at this link: Kindergarten petition

And then there is news on DNAinfo.com that the neighborhood is slated to get two new schools by 2019: 2 New Schools Planned for Forest Hills, DOE Says


  1. I don't think it's a coincidence that the extreme overcrowding comes in the same year as the Mayor's initiative to expand UPK. PS196 must somehow make room for 36 UPK seats in the fall and it seems it's at the expense of K seats.

  2. Maybe the development at the Jewish Center will be a new school.

  3. Overcrowding is the flip side of gentrification/increasing desirability of a neighborhood. I find it a little funny that all of these families are shocked and appalled at the overcrowding and claim to have had no idea this was a possibility.

  4. I think the Chevy dealership/garage on Austin would be a good place to stick a school. Fire up the eminent domain machine, NYC!