Saturday, April 25, 2015

Queens International Night Begins Tonight!

I am so happy they've made this happen...  If any of you go tonight, please email me your photos at and I'll post them to the site. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make this first one.

Here are all the details:


Family-Friendly Outdoor Marketplace Will Showcase Diverse Food, Art,  Merchandise, and Performances from New York City’s Cultural Tapestry

The Queens International Night Market will debut at 6:00 PM on Saturday, April 25th in the parking lot of the New York Hall of Science (47-01 111th Street, Corona), part of Flushing Meadows Corona Park. Vendors will be on hand selling a diverse array of culturally authentic street foods, art, and merchandise. Small-scale performances of music and dance will also be part of the excitement. There’s no admission fee and the event goes on rain or shine. April 25th  is the first of many Saturdays this Spring and Summer that the Night Market will operate.

Night markets have long been a fixture in many parts of the world. In recent years, they’ve become tremendously popular in cities like Philadelphia, San Diego, LA, Toronto, and Vancouver. Queens, as one of the most diverse places in the world--and the Lonely Planet’s top US tourist destination for 2015--is an ideal place for an open air market with an international theme.

The Queens International Night Market aims to be uniquely affordable for both visitors and vendors. Organizers are charging relatively small fees to rent a stall at the market, and hoping to make up the difference through sponsorships. Food vendors are being encouraged to keep their prices low to encourage visitors to sample as many treats as possible.

Arepas,  Burmese street food, and  Chinese crepes,  are just a few of goodies that will be for sale.  “Opening night will be a little smaller than what the Night Market will eventually grow to become,” said John Wang, who’s been planning the project for over a year. “But we hope people will come out and support the vendors who’ve signed on to be part of our very first evening.”

The location is just a few blocks away from the 111th Street stop on the 7 train. Parking is limited and visitors are urged to use public transportation. The Night Market is still accepting applications from interested vendors and sponsors on its website:


  1. Oh wow, already? Thanks for keeping us updated!

  2. I went and while it's a wonderful idea I do hope they add more food cart vendors as the time goes on. Admittedly, I got there around 930 and the lines for the 4 or 5 remaining food carts were so long there was just no point in waiting. It was VERY crowded. Hopefully in time they'll add more food vendors to support the enormous turnout.

  3. I got there at 6:15, just after the event started, and the lines for the food vendors we already so long I left. I too think its a great idea, but was disappointed by the experience.

  4. Ever goto Smorgasburg? There are ZERO secrets in NY (and the world) since the internet. Expect all these events to be line intensive. Everyone trolls blogs, looking for the latest hip thing. I went to an event years ago called NY vs SF -- it was the worst line experience. You had the choice of separating from your friends to try a bunch of different foods, or get to try 1 stall if you stayed together...

    BTW - I went, didn't eat but just scanned. It was intense.

  5. I have also been to Smorgasburg and of course it's crowded but the wait to get food was 20 mins. top. Last night the wait for food was minimum 45 mins.

  6. I too went and then left soon after. The small number of vendors along with huge turnout made for some impossibly long lines. Most vendors didn't have signs indicating what they were actually selling so in a lot of cases there was no way to know what you were actually standing on line for!

    Even more of an issue was the traffic in the area. We found parking easily, but trying to leave was a disaster. 108th St near the LIE was a complete parking lot. Got stuck along side the LIE trying to get to 108th for nearly an hour and a half before finally getting to a side street and the chance to get around it all. Until this is all sorted out, I'll likely be skipping these in the future.

  7. So many restaurants around that area. Avoid the chaos in the park and get a good satisfying meal at a local eatery instead.

    1. What a narrow way of looking at this. What about acknowledging that this was the first one of these events and that its organizers will learn from what was obviously a huge, and probably even for them, unexpected turn out. And, more vendors will now join it given the huge turnout.

      Also, all those local restaurants will only benefit by all the attention this fabulous new event brings to the Queens food scene.

  8. When will we know when the next one will be held? Would like to check it out.

  9. I'm sure this will improve as it develops. Give this guy a chance to do something meaningful in Queens. Not everyone wants to sit inside a restaurant especially in the warmer temps - a food market is an experience. Everything from Smorgasbord to the FH Stadium Concerts had major hiccups the first go around - now they are popular mainstays.

  10. I didn't make it this weekend, but I hope to get there eventually. All the Smorgasburg comparisons are getting my hopes up; if it develops into something along those lines I'll be really pleased!

  11. I attempted to go too but the traffic was a nightmare- I'm considering waiting a few weeks and trying again by bike to avoid some of the traffic chaos. It's a really cool concept and would love something like this in queens. Glad it had a great turnout