Monday, May 25, 2015

Forest Hills Memorial Day Parade Pics, Continued...

Thanks to local photographer Yael Adas for the pics.


  1. It is sad that not many people attend this parade. It looked like there were less people than last year. I thought Forest Hills was a very patriotic neighborhood. My family enjoys it every year no matter what.

    1. Support the troops -- good.

      More patriotic -- as in conservative? as in Republican? No thanks!!! Alotta Dems moving in now ;)

  2. Sparser attendance at these parades every year seems to be a nation-wide experience.

  3. I had no idea that forest hills actually held parades.

  4. When I grew up in Forest Hills, in the area south of the Gardens, it was a solid middle class community whose residents supported not only the parade, but houses of worship, community organizations, and each other. They didn't care about politics, or if you were a Republican or a Democrat. That small town pride has been slowly dying over the past few decades, and the declining attendance at the parade is a symptom of that lack of community and love of country. Many residents today view Forest Hills as just a place to live, rather than a hometown to be proud of, and to belong to. Very sad.

  5. Why are you injecting politics into this discussion? Memorial Day is for all Americans to remember those who gave their lives to insure our freedom. Patriotism isn't partisan!

  6. Because the undertone of the initial comment was 'I want my neighborhood (country) back' which is a common clamor of a teabagger. It also entails -- too many 'ethnics', too many liberal (bums) are moving in... house of worship??? Sorry, some of us believe in science and not Flying Spaghetti Monsters...

    Sorry, get over it -- Forest Hills will not remain a Jewish and WASP (or Germanic / Celtic) refuge in NY for long. Times change -- and noone owns NYC; everyone in the world wants to live here.