Thursday, May 14, 2015

Media Descends on Forest Hills After Train Crash

The engineer of the Amtrak train that crashed is a resident of Forest Hills and the media has been camped out in front of his apartment since yesterday. The train was reportedly going twice as fast as it was supposed to when the accident occurred.

The scene in front of his building last night. Lights and cameras were trained on the front of his building and I noticed reporters sitting in cars along the block waiting for any sign of him. I also saw a pack of reporters interviewing residents of his building outside.


  1. What is his address?

  2. The media is always good for a witch hunt. Do they really think he's going to talk to them? Are they stupid enough to think he's actually staying there right now?

  3. A reporter sneaked into the building today. She rang my doorbell causing my baby to cry and when I didn't answer she rang twice more (causing him to cry even more). When I still didn't answer the door (because I was trying to tend to my baby) she started banging on my door. When I answered the door she acknowledged that she heard the baby and that was why she was so persistent at my door. I hope I find out which media company she works for.