Monday, July 20, 2015

A Couple of Ways to Cool Off

With it actually feeling like a genuine New York City summer for a change, we turn our attention to some icy treats. Luckily, Metropolitan Ave. has a couple.

With the Carvel down there having opened, then closed, then, who the hell knows? ...  I, like plenty of other car-less Notherners who don't frequent Metropolitan Area very often, was left confused about the status of one of my favorite childhood haunts. So, for all of you like me who were wondering whether there still is a Carvel in Forest Hills or not, I can happily report there is indeed—and just a short walk down to Metropolitan Ave.

And remember our place to get ices that used to be next to the old Bonfire Grill—Uncle Louie G? Well, that's now located down there as well, sharing a location with Twist It Top It frozen yogurt.


  1. the dunkin donuts has ice cream as well

  2. McDonalds, Wendy's, Panera Bread, and Five Guys all have cold refreshing drinks and/or soft serve ice cream. Also, La Dolce Vita Bakery has home made Gelato. Hey , Metropolitan Av really has it going on !! Also, take in a movie at The Cinemart. Too bad Eddie's is closed on Mondays.

  3. Lemon Ice King of Corona at Gloria Pizza!

  4. And the Red Mango by the post office. Isn't there also another fro-yo joint around that corner, too?