Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Benneton No More

For the headline to this post, I was trying to think of one of those odd, erroneous phrases Benneton used to put on its t-shirts back in the eighties/nineties, like "Benneton: Yes, Why?" and such. Do they still do that? Anyway, I guess I have even less of a chance of finding out considering one of its few remaining stores—located where else, but here in time-warped Forest Hills—recently closed on Austin, or transitioned to become something called "Original Marines."
Thanks to Gladys for sending in the pic!
You can just make out the new name and logo if you look closely...


  1. Apparently Original Marines is an offshoot of the old Benetton. Children and young teen clothing. The company is based in Italy, just like Benetton.

  2. Well, it looks like this will be the first Original Marines store in the U.S. so that's kind of cool. Also, as a parent always looking for reasonably priced kid's clothes without having to shop at Children's Place I'm hopeful this store will add something to the neighborhood. Never once in my near 20 years in the area did I enter Bennetton