Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fire at Parkway Hospital Tonight

Thanks to Luna for sending in these dramatic photos tonight. The hospital by the way has been abandoned for quite some time...

The building was lit up and visible from far away
Fire engines kept coming well past 11 p.m.


  1. There was a work crew there the other day removing graffiti from the facade of the building.

  2. Here is a novel idea, why not expand PS196? It is already overcrowded. It is an amazing school, why not support a good thing for our neighborhood rather than letting this site decay?

  3. Shame on our politicians who have allowed this mess to persist! SHAME ON YOU!

  4. I agree use it as part of 196, makes sense, not as a home away from home for kids who use it as a place to so drugs or whatever.

  5. 1) Why is the 112 pct not watching this building closely
    2) Why is the owner not being held responsible for the condition of the building?
    3) Why doesn't the city just take over the building and fix it up and use it as a kindergarten?

    1. Why does the 112 have to watch this building closely? That is not their job. The police the whole area.

  6. Your right the 112 th doesn't have the time there to busy doing Nothing

  7. There were multiple fires in the area recently and the belief is that there's the same arsonist responsible for all of them.

  8. It's that arsonist that responsible for all the recent fires in Forest hills.