Friday, October 23, 2015

Picture of the Day

Ok, not the most beautiful of photos. But I think the photographer who sent in this one is trying to make a point...


  1. It's 1 street corner. Many locals depend in the free reading material. Why nit focus on what we can getting our chamber to hanf spring flowers, encourgae clean sidewalks and add plantings to tree beds?

  2. Funny....I thought the point was being made about the taxis. How did they get the whole block to stand? Parking spaces are so hard to find. How about just half a block?

  3. Those newspaper boxes are on nearly every other street corner in that area. The chamber did try hanging plants and planting in the tree beds numerous times. Unfortunately the baskets were stolen and after many attempts of planting, the merchants including all of the banks, refused to water them so they all died. Want to get involved? Start a group that addresses these issues going on in your own community. That could help change things.

  4. The hundred chewing gum marks on the sidewalk are more obnoxious than the colorful boxes. Why don't people spit their used gum into a tissue or scrap of paper and throw it out at home, or in a proper receptacle?

    1. There's about 30 years worth of chewing gum stuck to those sidewalks. And not one property owner up there has ever done a damn thing to clean it up! Complain to them.