Sunday, December 6, 2015

New Photo of Suspect in Local Fires

The police have released this new photo of a suspect in the local fires. Another fire occurred at a home under construction last night...


  1. Looked online and the suspect seems to be wearing what looks to be like a

    -Green 3/4 Open face vespa type Motorcycle Bobber Helmet.
    -half rim eyeglasses
    -converse style motorcycle sneakers with white bottom

    I'm not a motorcycle person but that looks like
    -a specific type of bike with
    -a specific type of rim

    This should be posted on Redditt and have the community
    crowdsource motorcycle enthusiasts for any possible clues and find that type of bike.

  2. I'm not entirely convinced this is necessarily the culprit… this is just someone who happened to be near the scene of the most recent fire. Even if it is him, he will soon either disguise his clearly recognizable look and bike/helmet color scheme, or change his M.O. now.