Friday, December 11, 2015

Seeking Holiday Photos and Pictures of the Day

Don't forget to send in your holiday decoration photos or just any cool pics you have for Pictures of the Day. Email them to

La Boulangerie's charming holiday decorations during Christmas 2013.


  1. We have a small apartment. where can we buy a small Christmas tree around here that's not potted and is not a plastic one? Any suggestions?

    1. Home Depot has a pretty good selection of Christmas trees.

  2. I bought a nice sized five and a 1/2 foot tree from the Natural last year and I was really happy with it. How's their selection this year? I haven't had time to check.

    If you have access to a car, the Home Depot has a wide range of trees.

  3. Outside of Natural food market on Austin Street

  4. There's a very nice Christmas tree store on Metropolitan Avenue and 70th Ave (think it's ave) across from the 7-11. Trees of all sizes

  5. The Natural doesn't seem to be selling full size trees this year. Just wreaths and other types of holiday greenery. Very disappointing. They always have nice things and I've been relying on them for my tree for the last couple of years.