Friday, February 12, 2016

Forest Hills In League with TriBeCa

.... that is, if you consider where the Target chain is choosing to open its new urban-format stores, as according to this article in Fortune from back in November...

Target Finally Bringing its Small-Format Urban Stores to Manhattan 
The TriBeCa location will cater to a wealthy neighborhood that’s also full of tourists.... While Target is still refining its plans, the TriBeCa store will proportionally offer more grab-and-go food options for harried office workers, more organic foods for those finicky TriBeCans, and a lot of apparel. Target will adjust its home goods selection to fit smaller New York City homes.
 Personally, I'll take it...


  1. But our restaurants are no way in Tribeca's league.

    1. Target is a disaster for Forest Hills. It is a mini Walmart. Shame
      Robbie R

    2. target is a disaster for FH yet every other crap chain or 99c store and mobile phone store isnt? c'mon now.