Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Alan Hevesi To Speak on 2016 Elections

Experts are estimating that $5 billion will be spent on the presidential campaigns and yet,Hevesiformer New York State Comptroller Alan Hevesi observes, there is often little serious debate on the critical life and death issues facing our country.  
On Monday, March 7, Hevesi will speak on the 2016 elections at 1:30 p.m. at the Central Queens Y in Forest Hills.   As a seasoned veteran of political campaigns and politics, Alan Hevesi, former Assemblyman, New York City and State Comptroller, and Professor of Political Science will offer his observations on this campaign season.  The Central Queens Y is  located at 67-09 108 Street, Forest Hills, NY 11375.  All programs are always open to the public.  An $8 voluntary donation is suggested.  More information is available at (718) 268-5011, ext.151, or pkurtz@cqy.org.

In an increasingly angry and divisive political environment and presidential campaign season, Hevesi observes, some well qualified candidates and some ill qualified candidates are competing for the most difficult and powerful job on the planet.  Our country faces critical issues, including our involvement in increasingly brutal and seemingly intractable Middle East conflicts, the urgent need for quick action on climate change, resolution to the national debate on the health care system, and ending gun violence.  At the same time, these issues often receive minimal substantive discussion in the  public debates.  Hevesi will discuss his observations on the current political campaign season, as well as sharing an insider’s view of electoral politics.  

 The Central Queens YM & YWHA is a non-profit community center offering recreational, educational, cultural and social events to enhance the quality of life in the Central Queens community. The Y is an agency of UJA- Federation.


  1. This man is a convicted felon and even worse betrayed the trust of his constituents by his crimes. Why is he invited to speak to the neighborhood, he stole our money for his own self purposes (shuttling his wife around in a car on the taxpayer's dime while she shopped).

  2. I thought he was still in prison.

    1. Unfortunately, he got paroled pretty quickly.