Thursday, May 26, 2016

Shake Shack Opening Day

If anyone happens to notice long lines or anything else of interest at today's opening day, please snap a pic and email it to us at I swung by earlier, but me and my compadres can't be there all the time so we rely on our readers just as much! 


  1. Drake, just want to confirm that you don't get any benefits from businesses for promoting them? Assuming you're just really excited, personally, about Shake Shack?
    -A loyal reader who comes here regularly for neighborhood news

    1. Would that make everything ok in your world, the fact that I don't get any benefits from promoting them? Well, I'm sorry to say that I do get benefits from promoting them - my neighborhood gets a lot better since it's a fabulous new restaurant that chose our neighborhood. So promoting that fact here on Edge of the City makes it more likely that other great places will soon join them.

      Additionally, another personal benefit is my life gets better, because I can now eat all their wonderful, delicious food whenever I want to without having to hop on the train or subway and head into Manhattan. So yes, I get a lot of benefits.

      And if you have been coming here regularly you would know that I would never be paid off by something to promote it and then lie to my readers about it. That's not how I roll.

    2. Also, I should add, that the Shake Shack's opening is apparently bringing to the blog a lot of people that don't usually read me, or if they do, don't pay very close attention to Edge of the City. If you did, you would know that every time a major new establishment opens in Forest Hills I get extremely excited (I did it with Bareburger, Banter, La Boulangerie, Red Pipe Cafe, you name it). I'm always a cheerleader for these great new businesses to come in to Forest Hills. So this coverage of Shake Shack is nothing new. It may be new to those who don't frequent the blog, however. But those who are familiar with Forest Hills know this is a HUGE deal for the neighborhood, especially compared with the crappy choices of restaurants we mostly had to choose from here just a scant few years ago.

  2. You’re right, and I didn’t mean to impugn your integrity – just wanted to clear the air. And I completely agree that bringing more high-quality establishments to the community is a pervasive benefit for all. Not to adopt the typical crankiness engendered by internet anonymity, but I guess I personally would just be more excited about a non-chain restaurant coming in (however high-quality the chain and its origins as a non-chain restaurant and however challenging it is for non-chain restaurants to survive these days). Again, just my two cents, and still very happy to see the ante raised here in the neighborhood.

  3. And I appreciate your enthusiasm. We should all be so passionate about our neighborhood -- what a difference that would make...