Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Queens Bully Getting Ready to Open

Thanks to Yonic for the pic. So excited about this. That strip of Queens Blvd. from FoHi to KG is really becoming a destination. Who woulda thought?


  1. Interesting that they're doing a soft open on a day of higher-than-normal foot traffic in the neighborhood due to the Dispatch show tonight (although they are waiting until the first acts go on before opening the doors). If it were me I would've either been ready for a full open to accommodate big crowds or waited until Friday.

  2. Has anyone on here been there yet? The menu looks creative and I'm planning to go soon. I can't believe there are people giving it mixed reviews because of the slow and disorganized service- geez, give this place a break and let them work out their kinks, I think it's a great addition to that sad stretch of Queens Blvd.