Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First Casualty of Organic Wars?

It's interesting how developments in one part of town can sometimes have unforeseen impact on an entirely other area. Case in point, I am not sure but it seems as if the small mom and pop fruits and vegetable store next to the Key Food on the northern side of Queens Blvd. is kaput. I've passed it over the past week or two and noticed it was closed. But it was always such a quiet, unassuming little place I never paid it much attention. In any case, I am pretty sure that after years of doing business from that location it has now closed. If you know any differently, please let me know by commenting below or sending me an email.

The strip of stores to the north of Queens Blvd.
I named this post what I did because this is a rather unscientific assumption, but I wonder if this small mom and pop just couldn't hack it any more because of the competition from the three organic/natural food stores that are now just several blocks away, Natural, Organic Market and the newest of the lot, Greenline Organic, and of course the Key Food right next door and the newer Twin Value Supermarket that is just a couple of blocks away.

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  1. They were getting on in years, maybe they just retired, or got a rent increase. I'll miss them.