Monday, November 22, 2010

New York Rated Worst City for Traffic

Is it possible to have driven anywhere in our city and be surprised by these results? NAVTEQ Study: Worst Traffic In U.S. On New York City Freeways

I recently took a car trip upstate on a Saturday and it must've taken about an hour just to get out of the city. The last time I had driven up that far was almost a year before (I don't own a car, so don't do this very often, obviously.) I couldn't believe how much worse the traffic situation had gotten in just one year! I have never seen it so bad. I really don't know how people who drive in the City do so and still retain their sanity.

Or why they do so. If you have to go out to the burbs for work, I can maybe understand it. But drive in the City? When the public transportation system is so easy to use and usually so efficient, and so much more affordable than having to park somewhere in Manhattan? It's beyond me why anyone would want to put themselves through that anguish.

Kudos to Mayor Bloomberg for trying to alleviate this dreadful situation several years ago with his brilliant attempt at congestion pricing. Too bad there was so much opposition to even trying it. I predict we have not seen the last of that intelligent proposal, which has already alleviated horrendous traffic -- and pollution -- in other major cities around the world.

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