Tuesday, December 21, 2010

An Exercise in Hubris

Will somebody please put this train wreck out of its misery and bring back Shakespeare for crying out loud?

ArtsBeat: Performer Is Injured During ‘Spider-Man’ Performance
Published: December 20, 2010
Theatergoers said they saw either the actor fall a distance of about eight to ten feet into a pit during the closing minutes of the show.

I just hope this performer is alright since there were limited details when I wrote this.
I think we're all pretty much learning from this ongoing theatrical disaster that the theater is not a movie, it is a play - with real live people, not digital effects that you can easily make do what you want by manipulating ones and zeros. And this, apparently, is what you get when you forget that.

By the way, with so many people being injured in this new production, it makes you wonder - isn't there supposed to be some kind of safety check by the city or fire department or someone to ensure the well-being of the performers before they go risking their lives? Or does that kind of fall by the wayside when you are spending many millions?

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