Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Biggest Moron of 2011 Award

And the award for Biggest Moron of 2011 (so far) goes to....

Published: January 4, 2011
Sexually explicit videos produced by Capt. Owen Honors will cost him his command, the Associated Press reported.

Let's see now, I'll work hard my entire life and finally get command of my very own aircraft carrier. Yes! Oh, and then I think I'll throw that and my career away because my bigotry is just soooo hard to contain. It hurts! I can't keep my bigotry in! I must share it! It must be released!! Ahhhhhhh.......

Oh! And I have an even better idea! Why don't I film my bigotry too! That way it is guaranteed that it will go viral on YouTube and all the world can see it and I am even more assured to lose my command! Sweet!!

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