Sunday, January 30, 2011


I was in Manhattan, the Upper East Side, last night and I have to say things were eerily quiet. Either everyone has flown south for the winter, or they are all just in hibernation having given up trying to fight this amazingly arduous winter. Maybe they will all just emerge in April, when the long-term forecast I recently saw at AccuWeather predicts the storms and cold will finally cease? (This week, the forecast calls for a "sloppy" storm Tuesday into Wednesday (snow, sleet, ice, rain) and then another snowstorm by the weekend. And then, talk is of a huge storm, maybe the biggest of the year so far, around Feb. 12th. Like I've said before, you either love it or hate it I guess. When it comes to snow, it's rare to find someone who just kinda likes it, or just kinda doesn't, isn't it?

My point of view? Enjoy it! I mean, really, what other choice do you have? A couple of more months and it will be Spring and this will all just be a memory.

Also, this winter has also given us scenes like this one below that I snapped last eve in Central Park looking towards 5th Ave., just north of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It truly was a Winter Wonderland.

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