Sunday, January 2, 2011

Holiday News Recap

The Bukharian Jewish Center construction site on 70th Ave.
If you've been away, or distracted by shopping or partying over the past week or so, here's a recap of local news I have gleaned from various sources (I cannot vouch for all of these, but the sources of this news do seem reliable. Please post a comment below if you know anything about any of these):
- Q Thai Bistro, a popular restaurant on Ascan, will be closing.
- Wafa, a popular Lebanese food restaurant near Metropolitan Ave., may also be closing soon, word has it.
- The Dallas BBQ in the new Rego Center in Rego Park has opened.
- Piu Bello will be opening soon - or maybe it already did? Haven't had a chance to look - in the space formerly occupied by Positano, across from the Post Office.
- The spot eternally under construction next to the Bukharian Jewish Center on 70th Ave. is reportedly to become at least partly new condos.
- Enterprise Rent-A-Car, which had been on Austin near the Barnes & Noble before moving a few years ago to Rego Park, has now moved back to Forest Hills - in the Pinnacle.
- Vornado Realty Co. reportedly wants to build yet another shopping center near the Rego Center in Rego Park.


  1. Green Sky, the Korean place next to Tako Sushi on Austin St. lower level has closed as well. A 'For Rent' sign adorns the exterior. It was a nice little spot, but oft neglected because of its location. Sigh.

  2. Just how many Asian restaurants were there tucked away down on that lower level? I do remember seeing Green Sky, but never ate there. It wasn't there for very long if I recall correctly. Shame it has closed, if I'm thinking of the right one.

  3. There was Tako Sushi, the Thai place now known as Mint, and Green Sky. Green Sky was there for about a year and a half. Good food. It was one of my favorite places around here, but being tucked away there, not many people noticed.