Monday, January 24, 2011

Ribbin' It In Rego

A peak inside the new Dallas BBQ which opened a few weeks ago in Rego Park, as part of the new Rego Center Mall. I've always been a fan of this chain. The ribs are fine and quite reasonably priced, as are the margaritas which are gigantic, cheap and apparently a huge hit judging from how many I usually see being slurped up around me. Sure, you can get better ribs in the city at a lot of places, but not without paying a good deal more than Dallas charges.

Now, as for the new restaurant they just opened in Rego (pictured below), it it enormous. Some sections because of the lighting, ceiling, overall space, also strangely reminded me of an Atlantic City casino. I didn't know whether to place a bet or order a rack of tangy ribs. This photo only captures one part of the restaurant, it goes on and on and on....

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