Monday, January 24, 2011

Tennis Troubles

Geez... for a game that's supposed to be fun, it seems like tennis can be an awfully big headache. Here's the latest tennis troubles, discussed in an online article from The Wall Street Journal: U.S. Open Left in the Rain as Competitors Look for Cover

Since we here in Forest Hills have a special relationship with the US Open, I thought it was worth posting a link to the above article about how the event is unable to come up with enough cash to build a super-expensive stadium roof like its competing tournaments have--and is threatening to leave NYC altogether if the City doesn't cough up some extra $$$ to help it. Whaaaa! I feel so bad for them! I mean, especially in economic times like this, they have got to be kidding me. In the article, it discusses why a roof for the Open's stadium would be especially expensive. Something having to do with the loose ground the complex is built on. Why did they build the stadium on former landfill in the first place?

Meanwhile, what is happening with the original stadium here in Forest Hills? I haven't heard or seen a peep about it in quite a while.


  1. I saw something today (can't seem to find it now) that said Marriott is looking to open something like 15 new hotels in NYC. Didn't mention Forest Hills, but I wonder if that's part of the plan.

  2. I saw something about Kimpton hotels doing so... That what you saw?

  3. It was definitely Marriott. It mentioned a Courtyard opening somewhere. I do some writing for a hotel trade magazine, so I can't remember if I saw it in on an industry site or mainstream press. Like I said, didn't have any specifics or mention of the tennis center.