Monday, January 10, 2011

Walmart's NYC Campaign

Walmart launched a New York City-specific website today as part of an opening salvo to win approval for its first store here in the City:

I don't know about this - I am not thrilled with the idea of having Walmart come to town. I think NYC has had puhlenty of its unique character eroded (especially in Manhattan), by the "big box" stores.

Although, I do have to admit that a trip this past weekend to the Home Depot store on the East Side near Bloomies had me voicing out loud something to the effect of: "This is one case where I think having a major chain come into the city has been a great improvement," and then I said some disparaging things about the small mom and pop hardware stores that used to be all over the city. They were kind of gloomy, weren't they? And those Manhattan Home Depots are just awesome stores.

But Walmart? The last one I went to was on Long Island like a year ago - wasn't impressed. The store was a mess and I really wasn't taken by the kind of merchandise they carried.

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