Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Brave New World

I believe the ongoing revolution in Egypt - which is spreading this week, not dying off as the pathetic mass media in our country would have you believe by their sudden pulling back in coverage - very well might be the most important news event of our time. We are seeing the rise of the "Internet Generation," and it will probably change the world as we know it. I don't see how repressive dictators like Mubarak will be able to stay in power in a world where all people are connected and are able to freely communicate and see for themselves the truth.

This a lengthy interview, but I highly recommend Part 2 if you can find the time to watch it:

The Lede: Subtitled Video of Wael Ghonim’s Emotional TV Interview
Published: February 8, 2011
Video of an interview on Egyptian television on Monday night with Wael Ghonim, a Google marketing executive who devoted his spare time to a Facebook page that helped spark the protest movement.

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