Sunday, March 20, 2011

Agora Taverna Photos

It opens this Tuesday. The menu offers all your Greek favorites, from grilled whole fish to kabobs.


  1. the food is delicious!

  2. amazing food-- i am hooked on the pork souvlaki, on the stuffed calamari, on the tyrokafteri--last but not least, tons of beautiful people all around you--i live an hour and a half away, but i am planning to be there every week!!!!

  3. I had very high hopes for this place it did not live up to the hype/wait.

    One great thing is that you can check out the meat and fish in open display cases in the back. Most of which looked fresh and of good quality. Though there were some bloody eyed fishes.

    The one great thing that Agora has is a LARGE SELECTION OF FISH. Forest Hills really needed this and the fish I had was really good. I got the grilled sardines, find that someplace else in the neighborhood.

    Sadly that is where it all ended. Mediocre bread and a crushed bean dip come to the table. My preference is have a really flavorful dip with lots of garlic. Sadly I found myself trying to find extra flavor to inject into the dip. The bread was "mealy" and was nothing special. Some hot pita would have been a big improvement.

    If you order a main course of which the sardines are not , you have a choice of Greek Fries, Greek Potatoes, or a Spinach and Escarole mixture called Horta. I tried two of these as appetizers the horta which I had high hopes for was a over cooked mess with the vegtetables not retaining their integriity it tasted stale and previously frozen. I sent it back and went for the Greek Fries as recomended by the server. These are like cottage fries though they were hot there was no flavor to them. They said they are cooked with oregano which you coulden't taste at all. This would have been much better as an Italian style/Med style friti with some fried crispy rosemary and lemon thrown in as a side show. I also sent this back.

    Not being satisfied at this point I ordered some sausage. Very tasty flavor wise but COOKED TO DEATH the two small and dried out over-cooked sausages were priced at $895 which in my opinion was very overpriced given the portion size.

    Staff tried to charge me for the food I did not eat and sent back I had to speak to the manager in order to have this corrected and it was taken care of. The manager did not seem to care that someone had an opinion about the food and just wanted to get out of interaction with me asap.

    There is great hope for this place. With a few minor changes it could be fantastic and I have not tasted very much on the menu. Fish which is at the forefront here seems very good so that's a thumbs up for the neighborhood. AS FOR THE REST, go see Corfu for a menu half the price a few doors down.

  4. I went today to Agora for lunch, and let me tell overall experience yet at a Greek restaurant. I started off with a Traditional Greek salad which was great and refreshing. The waitress was great...greeted us and made us feel very welcome and comfortable. She suggested the grilled octopus, which we usually don't enjoy at many places, and she was right!!! was delicious. The place was packed and the staff seemed like they had great control as in overall. The food was great, the service was great and just in general the vibe and feel in Agora was fave spot!!