Monday, March 14, 2011

These Commercials Are Making ME Sick

Enough already with the extremely graphic television commercials detailing people's brushes with death! It was bad enough that I've had to sit through all those depressing commercials for battling depression and other horrible things (the one where the people have to be wound up like toys in order to function is a particularly annoying one). But now, have you seen this latest crop of ads? The most disturbing (definitely not for the squeamish like yours truly) is the one with the close up of a woman in a vegetative state from a smoking induced stroke where she just breathes for like a minute. I am also tired of hearing that other woman tell me "These are my lungs.." I really couldn't care less about you or your lungs, keep it to yourself. I am taking notes and I will make sure to NOT GO to the hospitals that force me to have to watch these horrible ads. No matter how much I try - fast-forwarding the DVR, rushing to change the channel - they are aired so incredibly often I cannot seem to avoid them.

Look, I know some of these ads - like the woman in the coma - are supposed to be important public service announcements. I get it. But if you don't know by now that smoking will kill you, I doubt this ad is going to make much of a difference. But I do know one thing for sure - the stress it is causing me is shortening MY life!

Sorry, had to vent!


  1. These commercials are great. I have witnessed first hand how it is deterring some people from starting the habit in the first place. I was over at my sister's house when her son (my nephew), who is in elementary school, saw the commercial as we were watching tv. He asked if that really happens to people that smoke. His mom said 'yes' and then he asked her why she still smokes occasionally and that he didn't want to see her end up like that woman one day. She started crying and said she will give it up. I hope she really gives it up, if not for her sake, at least for her son. Hopefully he will remember that commercial when some of his friends may pick up the habit in junior high or high school and he'll still stay away. But for now, I think the commercial did a great job.

  2. Very nicely put. Thank you for commenting! I still HATE these commercials personally (I've spent too much time around illness to want to have to be reminded of it all the time when I turn on the TV), but you have definitely reminded me of their value. I guess I should just suck it up and change the channel! :)