Thursday, March 31, 2011

What's the Rush?

I'm just back from a quick jaunt out West and it looks like there's been quite a bit of buzz building over this new shop coming in, "Emily's Sugar Rush,"at Austin and 72nd Ave. Some are speculating it will be an upscale candy store like Dylan's in Manhattan.

Another store that I went into before I left and will post some pictures of this afternoon is this new make-your-own salad place on the lower level of the Austin St. mall on Austin, Energy Green. Not the best name perhaps - I can never remember it and I keep confusing it in my mind with those "Energy Kitchen" places in Manhattan. But anyway, the owner was very friendly and I promised him I will be back to try the salad. I do know from a quick look that the offerings looked very plentiful - there were a lot of different dressings and toppings. This type of place we have desperately needed here in FoHi. Finally, we have a make-your-own salad place like just about every other neighborhood in the City!


  1. Is there a new French Restaurant/Bakery popping up called La Boulangerie on 72nd Road & Austin Street ... do we anything about this?

  2. We do not know anything about this, but do you?

  3. Yes, my father is the architecht, and I think its going to be a nice new addition to austin street's quaint collection of bakerys. btw- not a resturaunt, its a bakery.

  4. Is it part of a chain? It is related to the other place with the same name on the Upper East Side in Manhattan?

  5. It is nice to hear from the son/daughter of the architect of La Boulangerie. It is great seeing those with an involvement in the process are paying attention to a community blog.

    From what I have seen so far, I must say that La Boulangerie has a creative sign, which ties into the area's historic appeal, and is far some generic & gaudy canopies. As a suggestion, perhaps the aluminum & glass storefront and the tacky railing and faux grass carpeting can be removed, and a storefront more respective of the Tudor building's roots and the shop's mission can be installed.

    Below is the Rego-Forest Preservation Council photoset for the building the shop will open in. The building is known as Harding Court, was erected in the 1920s in the Tudor-style, and its original address is 15 Portsmouth Place (now 109-01 72nd Rd). This flickr photoset includes a vintage postcard of the building:

    Please feel free to discuss this further at I am looking forward to its opening. Thank you!

  6. Yes, Emily's Sugar Rush will be opening tomorrow, Saturday May 7, right on time for Mother's day! and it will be a great place to get all your chocolate, cupcakes and candy needs. :) I will be there for the opening.
    I wish them well, Austin needed something like this and it's great to have them.