Thursday, April 21, 2011

How Desperate Am I For A Burrito?

A prayer in four verses written by Drake after his second visit to Marianella's Taqueria, this afternoon, for lunch, for a grilled chicken burrito.

Oh, burrito Gods up in heaven, please hear my cry!
How desperate art I for a burrito, oh God??

Desperate enough to eat old, brown lettuce? Yes!
Desperate enough to observe crusted old guacamole at the counter while I wait an inordinately long time for a burrito made with old, brown lettuce? Yes!! YES!
Desperate enough to feel bizarrely out of place as I watch the crowd around the bar (Bar? In a takeout restaurant?) sipping margaritas in the middle of the work day as I wait for the old, brown lettuce containing burrito?? YES!

Oh Burrito Gods up above - why, why hast thou forsaken me and delivered unto me Marianella's Taqueria in my land of Forest Hills instead of the chosen one, blessed be he: Chipotle!!!

Yea! Yes, the grilled chicken burrito I had this day at Marianella's Taqueria was not terrible oh lord! Yes, it only had a small bone in it - not terribly unusual, oh lord. Yes, it barely had any taste come to think of it, oh lord! But, why, why couldn't you bless my village with a normal New York City Mexican take-out place? Are we here in Forest Hills oh so very different from the rest of New Yorkers? I think not Lord!


  1. Crossing Queens Blvd.April 22, 2011 at 7:22 AM

    Beautiful and touching. Move over Maya Angelou!

  2. We have addressed all the issues you stated. Drake please call me and come down to the restaurant. I would love to meet you. Everyone please celebrate Cinco de Mayo with us. We are giving a tap beer with every burrito for people of age, $1 empanadas, $2 taco and happy hour all day long. We also have giveaways.