Friday, April 15, 2011

La Boulangerie Under Construction

My top-notch reporter was allowed to take some photos inside the new French Bakery, La Boulangerie, currently under construction near the corner of Austin St. and 72nd Road. My reporter tells me this is their first bakery and they are not affiliated with anyone else.  It is going to be set up so that you can see into the kitchen through large windows and watch the bread being made. The owner also says they are going to focus on bread and food stuff as opposed to sweets as they see too many other places around where people can buy cookies and cupcakes. They look to be creating a high end kind of place, and hope to be open in another two months.

For those who don't know where this will be, this is a view of the corner:


  1. Where is this exactly? I was on the corner of Austin and 72nd Road and didn't see any signs of it.

    I really hope they have tables and will stay open later than 7 pm.

  2. The ground floor of an apartment building just off Austin on 72nd Road.

    A photo is with this post:

  3. I added a photo of the corner where this will be: