Friday, April 15, 2011

Movie Suggestions For This Weekend

Just a couple of thoughts on some of the movies out this weekend. They expect it to be a little rainy, especially later Saturday, so this may be a good weekend to take in one of these:

I saw Hanna last weekend and really really liked it. If you're into the fast-paced Bourne type of movies, but with a bit of a creative spin, I think you'd love this movie, It also has a great cast:

If you're into something a little slower and more cerebral, you might want to give The Conspirator a shot, about the trial after the assassination of President Lincoln. It also has a great cast, and was directed by Robert Redford. However, the reviews out today haven't been too great. But I'll be seeing this one anyway, just because I'm really into history and there are far too few movies made about history so I have slim pickins, as they say:

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