Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Non-Story They're Trying to Make Into A Big Story

Donald Trump running for President. He has even less of a chance than Newt Gingrich in defeating President Obama. For me, I don't even have to know his positions on anything. It all comes down to his hair. If someone cannot manage his hair situation, he is not fit to be President.


  1. Donald has every right to run and as a Tea Party candidate would be super to Barack Obama in any direction you can think of.

    Let the GOP primary take care of who will win but get rid of Barack Obama as President.

  2. Keep dreaming. I'm willing to bet just about anything that Obama will be re-elected quite easily. People see through all the crap and realize he's genuine. He's trying hard to clean up all the mess he inherited from before him. His heart's in the right place, the economy's slowing turning around (which is remarkable given all the damage the Bushies and their ilk managed to do to it), and best of all this is one super honest individual with loads of integrity. The Repubs can't touch that.

  3. I can just imagine Trump picking a suitable candidate for VP via Apprentice/Celebrity Apprentice. You're fired!