Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Edge of the City Early Review: Marianella's Taqueria

I just devoured two tacos and a burrito from the new Marianella's Taqueria, which opened today on 71st Continental. It was a decidedly mixed culinary experience.

I ordered the Taco Twosome for $5.95. This was two hard-shelled tacos, one ground beef and one chicken. They were ok, not great. But I have to say that I brought them home and by the time I got them home they were a little cool. So I would reserve judgement on them. One thing I have to point out for certain though is they serve the tacos with a lot of lettuce. And the lettuce seemed a bit old. It was brown in some spots. A Big NO NO!

I also ordered the Grilled Chicken Burrito for $7.95. This was much better. It actually was pretty damn good. I had it with refried beans, some type of smoked salsa, cheese, and yellow rice. Quite tasty indeed! There were times I would have sworn it was a burrito from Chipotle or another higher-end fast food joint.

I washed it all down with a medium Pepsi for $1.85. It was slightly flat. Another big NO NO!!!

As for the atmosphere of our newest Mexican restaurant, all I can say is it is just plain odd. First of all, when you get up to order the menu sign is overhead and behind you so you have to remember what you want from a rather unique and even a bit complicated Mexican menu. So I found myself constantly straining my head and stepping back from the counter to remember what I wanted to order!

Also, the fact that there is a regular bar in the restaurant makes it a bit schizophrenic of an experience. What is it doing there? It is like two places in one - A mid-market Mexican take-out restaurant and a bar.

And one other observation. As I was picking out all the different toppings, I noticed some crusty
old looking offerings - I think it may have been hummus or something like it. Not appetizing! Please keep your food fresh!

Now, for my grades:

Taco Twosome: B (I am giving it the benefit of the doubt because as I said it was a bit of a while before I ate them at home. Hopefully they are better fresher. But the brown-looking salad is plain inexcusable!!)

Grilled Chicken Burrito: A

Beverage (Pepsi): C

Food Quality: C (Big No No's: Brown lettuce, and crusty old looking toppings at the counter. I am not giving them a lower grade because it is opening day and I am chalking it up to opening day growing pains. I will have to go back in a week or so and see how things are going.)

Atmosphere: B (Nothing really special. It's not really upscale though. I greatly preferred the look and feel of Green Cactus which used to be on Restaurant Row here in Forest Hills a few years ago.)

Overall Grade: B- (I am giving them the benefit of the doubt. I do hope indeed the next time I go I do not see wilted brown lettuce and crusty old toppings!!) I would place them above the Fresco Tortillas Chinese/Mexican combo restaurants that are all over the city (and that we have two of right here in FoHi), but below Chipotle in terms of overall upscale atmosphere and quality.


  1. Nasty. Poor management and poor workers.

    The place is new, no excuse to have shitty old crap. There are things you can attribute to growing pains but old and poor food quality is just not one of them.

    Hope these jokers go out of business as fast as they came in.

    A: You had a worker who accepted a shipment of lettuce and toppings that were poor. These facts are easily identifiable.

    Another garbage restaurant in the physical world. Not something we need.

    Thanks for the review because if its accurate, this place is just more trash attempted to be peddled on the unwilling consumer.

  2. Ive seen how great restaurants are created and how great culinary cuisine works.

    But here we are talking about shipments of poor quality lettuce and toppings.

    And this place just opened.

  3. yo quiero taco bell

  4. Won't be soon before the board of health shows this place as being poor.

    Avoid it till the board of health fully evaluates this place.

  5. Just to clarify - the toppings that looked old to me at the counter looked like they were set out hours earlier and no one touched them since. So this is more an issue of poor management that is not watching over things I would think than low quality ingredients.

  6. That place won't be a place I will be using in any way shape or form. I really doubt it will get better, in fact I just hope people don't get sick eating there.

  7. I'll try it, but there's no excuse for food not being fresh -- especially on the first day. When is it leftover from?

  8. Looks like a real rat hole. I don't give this place 3 months.

  9. AGREED! Same thing happened to Twin Donuts!!

  10. Just had it for the first time. Stay away. Workers have no idea what they're doing. Looked like they'd never seen a burrito before in their lives. Cashier had a whole argument with another worker while I was waiting to pay. Tortilla was rubbery. This place is a joke, huge disappointment

  11. Went there last week, service sucks and the food is bad. Kind of strange for a place that just open. Never go back.

  12. Get out of Forest Hills.

  13. Not surprised. Never trust places without lots of repeat business and high ratings.

  14. I visited the store yesterday. I was pleased with the service until the moment I was going to be rung up. Right when I was about to pay, one of the persons who makes the food shouted to the cashier with an attitude. The cashier looked at me in embarrassment but continue ringing me up. The food was good, but the lady making food was extremely rude. Unacceptable!

  15. I dined there around 8pm last night with my friend and thought the food was amazing. There was a lot of action at the bar so we hung around and had drinks. Between the buzzing atmosphere, the great music, the complimentary food and hospitality we had a great time. Giving this place a try is a must!

  16. Must try!!! the variety on the menu is great. We came in just to look around and ended up with a full stomach and fried ice cream for dessert! We will definitely come back and take advantage of the Happy hour keep up the good work.

  17. Went in and order a steak burrito the gentleman that attended me was very polite the service was great. Im definetly going back. Give them a try it was good.

  18. I just noticed this store for the first time. I went in around 6 and I was so delighted with the customer service and delicious burrito. Two thumbs up for Mariellas. Can't wait to go back.