Thursday, April 7, 2011

Restaurant Recap

Given all the restaurant news over the past couple of weeks, I thought this would be a good time to recap where we stand:

New Places I will Frequent:

Agora Taverna - I've already been to this great new Greek restaurant on Austin twice. The first time I had the whole fish Branzini, which was excellent. And the second time, the Filet Mignon kabob, which was so tender and delicious I can't wait to have it again. Not to mention just the overall look of this new restaurant. The atmosphere is so airy and inviting, I feel good just walking into the place.

Q Bistro - This restaurant has been reborn on Ascan with modern American cuisine (it used to be a very popular Thai restaurant). I have been there once since it reopened and found the food pretty good - I wouldn't say excellent, but quite good. The place is also very relaxing and inviting - like a nice Manhattan restaurant. Some of the prices are a bit high, but there are also some very reasonable selections as well. And they have a nice selection of wine. I am very impressed with the creative menu, though. There were quite a few dishes I want to go back and try. Also, where it is, off Austin on Ascan, also adds to the overall kick-back-and-unwind feel of this very promising new restaurant.

Energy Green - This new make-your-own salad place is tucked away on the lower level of the Austin St. mall. I've both gone to the place and also had it delivered. The salad was quite good. Everything was fresh and tasty. I also had the lentil soup and a tuna fish wrap another time. The soup was fine, not great. Their tuna, eh... I would stick with Gotta Getta Bagel on 71st Continental if I want a tuna sandwich.

New Places I will occasionally go to:

Exo Cafe - My thoughts about this place is it is where I might take friends for a few drinks and a light bite who come to Forest Hills for a visit. The food was not good enough, however, that I would frequent it. But for drinks -- they have a nice selection of craft beer on tap -- and maybe a few appetizers, it fits the bill!

New Places I Found Disappointing - So Far:

Marianella's Taqueria - The old, brown lettuce they served me with my tacos yesterday, and the sight of crusty old toppings (hummus?) at the counter,  really put a damper on what was a pretty damn good grilled chicken burrito!

New Places I Am Really Looking Forward To:

La Boulangerie: From what we know, this will be a French restaurant/cafe/bakery with lite fare like croissants and freshly made breads. Just what we could use here in the Hills. Located just off Austin on 72nd. Road, it would be great if they throw a few tables outside in front. That would truly be magnifique! (And that is just about the extent of my French, thank you very much.)

Emily's Sugar Rush: We suspect that this will be a cute new candy store, at the corner of Austin St. and 72nd Ave. But that is not confirmed as of this time. But how cool would that be? (Yes, I know, it's not technically a restaurant.) UPDATE: My trusted roving reporter confirmed with a worker inside the store late Thursday that this indeed will be a candy store! 

If you know of another restaurant or store coming into the Hills (oh, Shake Shack, maybe, etc..), well,what are you waiting for? Let me and EOTC's readers know!

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