Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Revitalized Austin St.

I guess this is what makes New York City so special. A year ago, heck, maybe just several months ago, our main shopping district, Austin St., seemed in the doldrums with empty storefronts popping up from one end to the other. What a difference just a few months makes! Consider the following new businesses that have either opened in the past month on or just off Austin, or are about to in the next few:

  1.  Agora Taverna (fantastic new Greek restaurant)
  2. The newly reopened Q Bistro (a new modern American format for what used to be a Thai restaurant)
  3. Exo Cafe (a new relaxed venue for some drinks and lite fare)
  4. Marianella's Taqueria (a new casual Mexican eat-in/takeout restaurant)
  5. Emily's Sugar Rush (a new candy store?)
  6. La Boulangerie (a new French restaurant/bakery?)
  7. Energy Green (a delicious new make-your-own salad place)

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