Thursday, April 21, 2011

To Pay, or Not To Pay

For those of you who care about how The NY Times' new digital subscription policy is faring - as I do, because I really do love The Times and want them to find a profitable way forward to the inevitable: their transition to becoming a purely digital newspaper - there is finally some information about that in their latest quarterly report, just out:

"For the first time, the Times Company provided information on how digital subscriptions were faring. The company said that since it started limiting the number of articles readers could read on for free, it has signed up more than 100,000 subscribers. While it said the program was still too young to judge a success, “early indicators are encouraging.” Subscriptions start at $15 every four weeks, but many subscribers have so far paid discounted introductory rates."

By the way, in case you haven't noticed, I tend to post a lot of links to Times stories and videos. I do this for the simple reason that no one can beat them in terms of interesting articles and multimedia you just won't find anywhere else. As part of their new digital policy, if you click through from blogs like this one to read a Times story that article will ALWAYS be free for you to read, however, it will count as one of your 20 free articles each month. The good thing is even if you surpass your 20-free-articles-a-month limit, you will still not be charged for any articles you read at through blogs like Edge of the City.

Ok, so now I've totally confused you. This Frequently Asked Questions excerpt from The Times website explains it better:
Can I still access articles through Facebook, Twitter, search engines or my blog?
Yes. We encourage links from Facebook, Twitter, search engines, blogs and social media. When you visit through a link from one of these channels, that article (or video, slide show, etc.) will count toward your monthly limit of 20 free articles, but you will still be able to view it even if you've already read your 20 free articles.

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