Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tennis Stadium Rejected for Landmark Hearing

This is, well, laughable....
Iconic Forest Hills Tennis Stadium Rejected For Landmark Hearing

If this isn't all about politics, big-business connections and that kind of bullshit I don't know what is... it all comes down to development - if they landmark it, the developers aren't free to do anything they want with the site.

What is most offensive about this is their arrogance - they think the public is stupid.

Here's another article about the ruling: Forest Hills Tennis Stadium Denied Landmark Status

For those of you new to this blog, I have always been in favor of preserving this historic stadium. I am all for progress and moving forward, if anything, to an extreme degree. I believe Forest Hills needs more development, not less. We need more modern spaces for big retailers and big restaurants to come in, but at the same time preserving our smaller restaurants and retailers. Any long-time resident who has a problem with that should've taken it up years ago with the City when it plowed its lovely Queens Blvd. through the center of Forest Hills. That fantasy is over and it is now important that we make the best of what we have. We can do that through proper, attractive new developments.

However, as far as I see it, we have a few charming elements left here in Forest Hills:
  • Austin St.
  • Station Square
  • Forest Hills Gardens
  • The Tennis Stadium
  • Many of the coop buildings. I have to say many of them do the best they can to beautify the area with some pretty stunning landscaping and the excellent upkeep of their properties.

If the Tennis Stadium is to be developed in some way, the charm and amazing history of the site should somehow be incorporated. And of course it should be done for common use and hopefully as a tourist draw so our local retailers get more foot traffic on Austin and get more business. That would ripple across the surrounding areas as well, I would think, including the very dilapidated, sad state of affairs along Queens Blvd. heading towards Kew Gardens.


  1. Glad it wasn't landmarked. But it doesn't change anything for the future.

  2. Drake, thanks for your support & a great posting!

    Anon: I welcome your comments on why you are a glad it isn't be heard by the Landmarks Commission. Are you aware of its series of firsts and the fact that landmarking on city, state, & federal levels could initiate grants & tax credits for restoration? Let's discuss our views further. Blogging is all about a debate.

  3. Glad it wasn't landmarked. Grants and tax credits for this facility would be pork barrel spending as far as I am concerned and be an absolute waste of money.

    If the Tennis Association through private donors wanted to rebuild this facility or something akin to that, such would be fine. Or if something else was done which improved the community.

  4. Initial poster is arrogant. I love how people who have nothing to do with this property try to get involved and how local idiot politicians like Anthony Weiner becomes a puppet and promoting all the garbage around.

  5. The future of the facility will be clearer at a later date.

    Construction is coming to the area and this facility will not be an exception. Either they fix up the shell and reuse the inners (like Tennis Stadium condos), or they file demolition permits for the land and sell developable land to someone else.

  6. It is an either/or senario. The facade is crumbling bad and someone will get really hurt if nothing is done.

    So my guess is this facility will soon get demolished and perhaps converted into something, such as low rise condos or something else.

  7. The Freeway for Queens Boulevard was already started and it wouldn't cost too much to finish the job FYI. They seem now to be putting in cross walk timer lights this summer and the Boulevard will remain indefinitely.

  8. I doubt the stadium will be sold; club is looking for 12 million dollars and with cost to remove all that concrete that will cost any developer another 1 million dollars. It's one big gray dinosaur that is very much indeed extinct.

  9. The reality is that the West Side Tennis Club has NOT approached potential investors for years, and last summer, they were hoping for a quick-fix by selling out for condos, which is more detrimental to the club's existence in the long-run. Such developments take time.

    Which sounds more logical?

    1. Building condos on site (which likely wouldn't be permitted due to restrictive covenants of the Forest Hills Gardens) would give the West Side Tennis Club pocket money, which will run out.


    2. Restoring and reopening the historic stadium for a multitude of events, yielding greater economic return for the club and surrounding community. A garage can be built under the parking lot most likely, and/or a shuttle bus service can be implemented.